CumClub – Swallow That Big Load!

Filming of this scene featuring myself and this straight 1st timer we’ll call “Rick”, came at the end of a long day of shooting. I’d already filmed several other scenes and sucked off & swallowed one other guy a bit earlier in the day, so I was a bit spent. As soon as I saw this dudes super long dick, I was re-energized!

Rick said he’d been saving up his load for a while and was ready to explode. He was concerned about being recognized so we had him throw on a hat and sunglasses. No problem man. We’re only after your cock & cum afterall…

As I’m sucking Rick’s cock, I whip out my dick and start jacking off. Knowing I was about to get a mouthful of this straight guy’s saved up sperm got me rock hard.

Notice how Rick’s dick is really long but not super thick. That made it really easy to slide all the way down my throat, past my wisdom teeth and tonsils.

Rick was ready to bust. This straight hairy dude blew a massive load in my mouth. I wasn’t originally planning on swallowing but really had no choice because there was just so much cum flowing out of Rick’s cock. If I ever wanted to breathe again I was going to have to gulp down the cum.

Most of the load got pushed to the back of my throat by Rick’s long cock. Down it went. I figured what the heck and continued to clean up the rest of Rick’s load, swallowing every drop of cum that was shooting and oozing out of Rick’s cock.

That had to have been one of the biggest loads I’ve ever downed… I’m used to shooting really big loads and having guys gag on my cum, but it’s not as common that I’m on the receiving end of one of these massive loads. No complaints here!

I almost forgot… I also ended up jacking off my load onto Rick’s dick and balls (also caught on video). I thought he’d freak out by having another man’s cum on his dick but he actually rubbed it in and seemed to enjoy it.

The room smelled of fresh jizz, with my mouth & throat coated with cum and my stomach completely filled up with straight man spunk. Rick’s cock, balls and thick pubes were completely covered with my load.

A truly fantastic cum-filled suck off and swallow video!!!

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