MilitaryClassified – JACOB 3

Hey Guys! Here’s a blast from the past! I know MANY of you have been asking about this week’s new release and I finally convinced this longtime hottie to return to the MC cameras for an exclusive and upclose look at “pete” from squirt-it and fratmen-tv or better known as “Jacob” from Militaryclassified who is giving us an exclusive performance like only Jacob can. He’s a little older now, family man, still got the rockin’ hard body, the cute baby face, and that THICK hard cock that makes Jacob one of my favorites!
After an almost two year sebatical, Jacob contacted me and asked if he could come back and film some more because he’d fallen on some hard times, who isn’t these days. Of course I gave him the immediate green light and he made his way down from his hometown in Washington for some of Rob’s famous head. I’ve known this boy, who is now 28, for a very long time and we’ve become pretty good friends actually so there wasn’t much to interview about so we got right down to business.
Even before his shorts came off, Jacob was rock hard with a thickness to that tool that would make any bottom nervous. I had him stand in a parade rest position and I started my slow and methodical blowjob that I could tell had been a long time coming for him since moving away from Cali. I gave his nuts a complete workout upfront. Jacob has two HUGE balls that seriously take work to get both in your mouth at once but I did and he LOVES the fact that I’m the only one that can.
I must have stayed on his balls for a good 3 to 4 minutes driving him absolutely bonkers at certain points where it was very difficult for him not to glance over to see what was causing all this pleasure. Next I moved to his beautiful thick dick. His cock got so hard that I literally had to position myself so my throat could align with the position of his cock because there was no way that dick was bending for anyone. I deepthroated his cock, and I mean balls deep, that literally took his breath away because I think its been years since his cock has had that kind of quality service.
Little by little I began to rapid fire his cock down my throat faster and deeper which brought him to the brink a couple of times until finally he couldn’t hold back any longer and gave me the warning just before he delivered an incredible amount of spooge that was as thick as yogurt and delicious as I took one for the team and gave him the orgasm of the year!