MilitaryClassified – AMOS

Today I’m introducing another new recruit to the MC line up and this boy is completely green to the “gay for pay” process. AMOS has never even been naked in front of another guy so jacking off with me in the room was a challenge. Amos had to come back twice because he was all nervous as hell but today he finally delivered on the goods and I think this boy needs grooming but will be a nice conversion down the road! Enjoy this cutie! He’s all straight man!
Amos is a quite type and doesn’t say a whole lot but his facial expressions and the cute face that’s its attached too make for very soothing visions of this boy being straight and tough… and a little nervous I might add. Once we got past the particulars and he saw that I wasn’t such a nasty pervert after his cock…well….. not up front at least.
The nerves all came to head when the cameras started rolling and for his second attempt at this masturbation scene I think he was beginning to relax with me in the room. I haven’t been around a straight guy who has been this green. Usually they have had some sort of experience in their lives but this guy has never had anything to do with anything “gay”…. until today!
I would leave the room for a while to give him some privacy and let him relax to the porno but I could tell he was nervous because he was stroking himself at a 100 miles per hour and I would tell him to relax and take it slow and things will happen naturally if you just stop thinking about anything else but the pussy you’re watching on the monitor. Soon his moderately sizable cock began to grow and this uncut sausage was looking like taco Tuesday for me and i was ready to munch! NOT!
I wish I could have and maybe If I work it hard enough he will eventually let up and trust me driving his penis to an incredible orgasm i’m sure he hasn’t experienced orally to this point in his life!! Boy is he in for a big surprise if he ever lets me suck his dick… work in progress guys, work in progress! Enjoy this cutie!