MilitaryClassified – LOGAN 4

I’ve been getting many requests for this stud to take the plunger and Rob has finally convinced and handsomely paid LOGAN to cross the line and fuck a dude in the ass for the very first time in his life and Rob caught it all on tape. Watch a straight guy fumble through the process of fucking a guy in the ass. The innocence of how he reacts and the pleasure he’s given and displayed make this movie especially good.
There were many firsts today in this scene with Logan and it didn’t stop as the ass pounding that Rob received from this straight stud. Rob asked Logan if he would be down to get his ass licked and the look on his face was priceless as he tried to convince himself that the money was worth it. Rob felt like he was leading a lamb to slaughter as he agreed to the scene but only if he didn’t have to do anything in return…. and of course Rob found a way.
Once we got all the paperwork together and out of the way, Rob brought Logan into his bedroom where he was all set up and ready to go. Logan was as nervous as any model has ever been when they are in a situation they have never been in for the first time. Logan was cool headed and laid back which made the situation easier…. then again… the two shots of tequila before we got started didn’t hurt.
Rob had Logan’s cock rock hard within seconds and that lead to Rob taking Logan’s legs and put them above his head as Logan’s beautiful round ass starred at Rob inviting his tongue to that hairy hole. Rob wasted no time in joining the smorgasbord. Rob side saddled this boy in order to allow Logan to just sit there and do nothing. I especially like these kind of shots because as Rob rides his cock, Logan doesn’t have to worry about anything but watching that brown ass bounce on his cock.
This went on for a couple of positions that began to break down Logan making him giving me that look I usually get with a model is getting in that zone and doesn’t know quite how to say it. Logan was stunned that a dude’s ass was driving his cock crazy and before long, there was nothing standing in the way of Rob delivering Logan’s load to the free world. I think this is Logan’s best and most honest scene.