MilitaryClassified – GRIFFIN 5

GRIFFIN is back and he’s returning with a vengeance. He’s been away for a while and then about 2 weeks ago he contacted me wanting to make more money and wanted to see if I could help him! Watch as Griffin feels a bit nostalgic as I methodically break him down little by little until he is unable to hold back the surge of jizz that was headed straight for the open air!
When Griffin arrived to my studios he was horned up and ready for action and I could tell he wasn’t wanting to waste anytime in getting himself naked and ready to get his dick sucked and whatever I may have planned for him. Griffin takes direction well and without hesitation took hold of my ass and dove face first.
It didn’t take long before the blowjob and taken a turn when Griffin saw my ass. He immediately went for it and I really didn’t even ask him to do that. It was all “a natural” Griffin was horny and ready to go as he took hold of my waist and front of my legs with his hands as he braced himself for my ass and ate up and down getting it himself all riled up and ready to blow your load.
Griffin was driving me crazy with that tongue of his in my ass. He was very thorough! I had to turn around and get back on that cock because that was my main objective and I wasn’t leaving until I had his white jizz in my possession. Griffin was beginning to tense up his body and his legs stiffened as he held his breath, trying really hard not to lose complete control.
In the end it was a sad scene as another straight guy with his butch attitude and “I don’t care that you’re sucking my cock” attitude get completely broken down and left raw and uncontrollably spent sexually almost to the point of exhaustion. I took down the load like a champ and Griffin grabbed hold of the back of the sofa and he busted hard!