CollegeDudes – Scott Demarco & Guy Lima

Guy Lima can’t keep his hands off Scott Demarco’s sexy body, running his fingers across Scott’s chest and down to his pants, teasing that cock before they strip down. Scott drops to his knees to suck on Guy’s sweet dick and then lies back on the bed to get some head next, enjoying Guy’s soft lips around his cock as he gets harder. Scott gets in one more taste of Guy’s meat before putting him on the bed doggy style and spitting on that ass hole, running his finger along it and exploring Guy’s hole.

Scott spreads Guy’s ass apart and buries his face between in, rimming that tight ring of muscle as he plays with himself, making sure his throbbing dick is rock hard before standing up and pushing it inside Guy’s ass. Scott’s breath comes hard and fast as he fucks Guy, getting deep into that tight little hole while Guy closes his eyes and takes every inch, his ass bouncing as Scott pounds him. Guy turns over onto his back and spreads his legs, letting Scott fuck the cum out of him and having him shoot his load across his abs.