StraightOffBase – Pfc Levi Solo


Straight off base, PFC Levi is a 19 year old newly-minted Marine from Georgia who stands at 5’10”, weighs in at 155 lbs and participated in soccer and baseball throughout his high school years. PFC Levi sports a stubby 6 inch cock and swings by the Major’s quarters to rub one out for the camera and pocket some extra cash for the weekend. PFC Levi tells the Major that his first sexual experience was when he was 14 years old with a classmate after their 5th grade Sex Education class. They were very curious as to what ‘sex’ was all about and decided to have a little study session after school. The Major orders PFC Levi to get out of his clothes and he proceeds to stroke his cock until he unloads his thick cum onto his treasure trail.