RaunchyBastards – Broke Teen Swallows – Ian Odell & Clay


Sometimes a teen just needs to pay his cell phone bill. After all, keeping in communication is important! Luckily, he has just enough time left to shoot me a text before his phone got shut off. I told him I’d help him out if he wanted, and as always, he was happy to chill for a few hours. In addition to some fascinating conversation, I was looking forward to some great dome. Ian didn’t disappoint, either.

When he arrived we chit-chatted briefly, but seeing as it was late and all, I didn’t even get his basketball shorts off of him before I had my tongue buried in his ass. This guy has an ass for days! After spending some time massaging his sphincter, my cock was needing some attention as well. Ian is amazing at it – he could suck a nail out of a doorpost. I was happy to be on the receiving end of his specialty, and I also was eager to get his toes in my mouth. I’m not usually that turned on by feet, but he has a sexy arch, and I like them alot. While I worked his toes he jerked off his big dick for me. After a while longer, he got me close and I blew my entire nut into his mouth. Like a good boy, he promptly swallowed the whole damn thing. Broke teens are definitely the best.