TickledHard – Insanely Ticklish Michael

With his girlfriend watching, exceptionally ticklish Michael strips for Franco and climbs onto the tickling table. He’s into bondage, but hates being tickled since his little brothers used to gang up and tickle torture him! Today Michael’s out of luck because Franco is in control. Franco tickles Michael’s armpits, nipples and the small of his back. He positions himself behind Michael, lifts his head and tickles the shit out of his ribs and pits before moving to Michael’s sensitive belly button. Michael twists and arches his back, but there’s no way to escape! Franco tickles Michael’s asshole and taint while his big balls bounce, and his body shivers as Franco dusts him all over with feathers. Franco switches back and forth between brushes and fingers on Michael’s legs causing him to howl with laughter and beg for mercy. Franco then discovers that even Michael’s cock is ticklish, and after torturing it a bit, he finally gives Michael a break. Franco blows Michael until he’s hard, then briefly releases one hand so he can finish himself off. Franco sucks Michael’s ticklish dick clean, and Michael thinks it’s over, but he’s dead wrong. Franco continues stimulating Michael’s swollen cock while he begs for him to stop. At last, it’s time to attack Michael’s size 10 ten feet, and it’s crazy! Michael swears and yells like a maniac at the top of his lungs as Franco saps every last bit of energy through the soles of his feet. Apply some lube and the dog grooming brush, and we’ve got another screamer!