TickledHard – Amir’s Extreme Tickle Torture


For as ticklish as he claims to be, 34-year-old Amir seems pretty relaxed. Then again, he has no idea the vicious tickling that’s about to be inflicted on him. Straight from the gym, he strips down to his dirty jockstrap to reveal his fit and very hairy body. Franco has him climb onto the table and immediately sets to tickling him. Amir is ticklish alright! His screeches are mixed with deep laughter as Franco tickles his armpits and ribs. Franco blindfolds Amir and the tickle continues on his thighs and stomach. He pulls down Amir’s jockstrap and toys with his cock while he tickles his torso. Franco rubs Amir’s thick fur and restricts his breathing while getting his dick even harder, then tickles his sensitive pits and ribs some more. Slowly Franco removes Amir’s shoes to tickle his size 10 1⁄2 feet through his thin black ankle socks. Amir struggles and howls hysterically, screaming, yelling and begging for the tickle torture to stop. He growls angrily and swears at Franco as he tickles him, but of course Franco doesn’t stop. Franco pulls his smelly jockstrap off completely and covers Amir’s nose and mouth with it, forcing him to breathe his own powerful smell while he’s being tickled. Amir yells loudly and his laughter becomes a mixture of wild animal noises and ghostly machine gun fire when Franco tickles his bare feet with the soap saver and grooming brush. And for even more torture, Franco brings in Bradley so they can both tickle Amir at the same time. Franco lies on top of Amir, tickling his pits while Bradley does his feet. Then they both tickle his pits and his feet together while making Amir continue to inhale his dirty jock. When Amir is finally out of breath and choking on his own laughter, Franco allows him a final release. He fingers Amir’s hairy hole while he strokes his cock. Amir shoots his load with his hairy butt cheeks soaking in a pool of his own sweat. And just when Amir thinks it’s over, Franco gives him a final taste of exquisite tickle torture, tickling his cock, feet and under his arms.