TickledHard – Allen – More Ticklish After He Cums


Young straight construction worker Allen didn’t want to be tickled, but work is slow and Franco offered to slip him some cash if he would agree to it. After reluctantly saying yes, Franco chains Allen’s ankles to the frame he and Allen put together and binds his hands over his head for easy access to Allen’s naked body. Allen giggles and curls his toes as Franco explores his ticklish spots, including his balls and furry taint. He jumps and laughs as his dick gets harder, and of course Franco takes notice. Franco sucks Allen off, then blindfolds him and starts tickling Allen’s size 8 1⁄2 feet. Allen is definitely more sensitive after getting off, not only on his feet, but everywhere else, too. After a good amount of foot tickling, Franco finishes with Allen’s ticklish nipples and armpits.