RaunchyBastards – Cum Dump Express – Dominic Phelps & Lance Farrow


Lance Farrow was one of my lucky finds – a college student strapped for cash, who was not only a cute blond but didn’t mind at all taking it up the butt. A lot of guys will do it for money but they complain before and after how much they dislike it, but not Lance. He is fairly upfront about how much he loves getting banged by a) his girlfriend’s strap-on and b) a cock. Well, more recently a cock, because we’ve had him getting fucked as much a possible each time he pays us a visit.

I told Dominic that he should give Lance’s ass a go. There are holes that are nice to fuck, but Lance’s is primo! Warm and somewhat tight, but with enough give that you can really pound the fuck out of him. Dominic was game – in fact he was looking forward to it. Toby and I set up the lights and basically let these two gay-sex-newbies go to town. But this scene is mainly about Lance getting a lot of pleasure. Lucky for him Dominic has a great dick and a lot of stamina. After fucking him every which way, Dominic lays down a big load of cum on and into Lance’s hole, and then keeps fucking him. When Dominic is finished, Lance fingers all of Dominic’s cum out of his cum-dump hole. So much for being straight but curious. We all think Lance has moved beyond that phase now.