MilitaryClassified – BRANDO & LINCOLN

Today’s release is a doosey! BRANDO has been bugging me for work lately and I wanted to see If I can once again put pressure on him to do more for the money and… today that happened. Watch as BRANDO meets LINCOLN and they are both two straight guys completely clueless of what’s about to happen. BRANDO grabs LINCOLN and then I suck them both! All in a days work!
These two couldn’t be more different yet they are both hungry for money and horny about getting it. When the two met they were very nervous at first. As you know BRANDO is a quiet little dude while LINCOLN was a little more talkative and “willing”. Brando has a girlfriend but doesn’t mind dipping in the man pond as long as the numbers are right!
Once the cameras started rolling, it was on like a hard-on and they each got themselves hard as they would for just about any shoot i’ve done. Once they were at that point, I switched around and made them grab each other’s cock and the rest is history. They clumsily grabbed each other, trying to manage an uncomfortable situation but to me the teacher.. I was in heaven watching these two straight guys try to show me what gay for pay really is all about.
They began to stroke each other, one cut cock and one uncut cock so the score was even and the two actually did pretty good grabbing each other’s meat and dealing with the task at hand. I was surprised to see that they maintained their hard-ons even after they began to stroke each other… maybe they liked it? a little?
Next it was my turn to get things progressing and I knew exactly what to do I sucked like i haven’t sucked before and this time in coordination. In fact if you look closely i have precise and calculated moves with hand and mouth to make this look like a professional job. In the end I sucked them two straight boys right to oblivion and made both of them cum and cum they did!!