FrenchTwinks – Sex Before Exams – Gabriel Lambert & Jules Laroche


Gabriel Lambert is an applied student and he spends a lot of time studying. This zeal of work is not the taste of his friend Jules Laroche and even less a Sunday. Jules knows the weak point of Gabriel and throws himself on him to tickle him. The twink laughs loudly trying to fight but the fun takes over his seriousness and he lets Jules kissing him. The two boys lie on the couch and undress gradually while kissing. Jules’s huge dick is already hard when Gabriel takes off his boxer and the beautiful ephebe begins to suck it. Gabriel fails to choke down by swallowing Jules’s cock in deep throat, but as a good student, he perseveres and makes his friend moaning with pleasure. Jules is very excited and then lies Gabriel on the coffee table to eat his ass. Our stallion seems to love rimming and he doesn’t skimp on licks. Gabriel is thrilled and whines of pleasure. Once the hole of Gabriel is well lubricated and opened Jules penetrates him gently. The surprise of feeling such a big stuff in him and a slight pain are making Gabriel screaming. The boy slowly relaxes and takes the powerful cocks hits with pleasure. Jules is fucking Gabriel vigorously and with a lot of fun as his big smile proves. The two twinks are in perfect osmosis and Jules continues to pound the ass of Gabriel on all fours on the couch before unloading his hot and thick cum on this pretty butt. It’s then Gabriel turn to explode in several powerful jets on the torso of Jules.