DreamBoyBondage – Ian Levine – Final Consent IV – Part 5


Even though young Ian has the perfect body to endure crucifixion – strong but not heavily muscled, light-weight and long-limbed – the cross take a terrible toll, as his boyish body is pulled out of shape, his pecs stretched to the point of tearing, his navel twice it’s normal length, his gut sucked in, abs fluttering. The rivers of cum have long since dried on his hairless stomach, the last residue of a time when every muscle in his body wasn’t straining and aching and trembling in pain. And then it gets worse: Jared ropes Ian’s cock and balls and hangs a five-pound steal ball and chain from them, then a ten-pound weight, then ten more. Ian can only whimper and moan, naked, helpless, in constant pain, with many more hours to endure.