TickledHard – Tommy’s Tickle Pleasure and Cum Facial


Franco makes 24-year-old Tommy take off all his clothes except his shoes and socks. He ties him to the bed posts and straps him onto a flat board, then slowly begins tickling him with feathers, brush and fingers. It’s not long before Franco has Tommy squeaking and coughing to catch his breath. He tickles Tommy’s stomach and belly button before moving to his super-ticklish knees and thighs, then his taint and hole, which makes Tommy giggle and squirm. Suddenly, Franco lubes Tommy’s dick and all goes quiet. Franco strokes Tommy’s pole and his own hard-on through his shorts. He pulls his cock out and releases Tommy’s left hand to jack him. It’s obvious Tommy wants a taste, so Franco leans in and sticks his cock in his mouth. Franco frees Tommy’s other hand so he can stroke himself while sucking Franco’s big dick. Franco shoots a huge load all over Tommy’s face, and Tommy licks him clean. With cum still dripping down Tommy’s chin, Franco quickly straps him back down and heads down to his size 9 feet. Franco tickles Tommy through his sweaty athletic socks, then on his vulnerable bare soles and between his toes until Tommy is exhausted.