TickledHard – Marky Tickle Tortured and Milked


Franco restrains Marky on his tickling board that he’s laid flat for easier access and a better view of Marky’s feet. He starts by softly stroking Marky’s belly just above the waistband of his white briefs. Franco uses a long, slender brush to work his way up Marky’s sides, under his shirt and into his armpits. Marky laughs so hard, he pops the rest of his buttons open! Totally immobilized, Marky struggles to get away, but all he succeeds in doing is twitching madly and laughing uncontrollably. Franco makes a brief stop at Marky’s sensitive stomach before returning to his pits with his saliva-soaked fingertips, causing Marky to swear and howl at the tickle torture. And Marky’s lower half isn’t left out of the fun! Franco finds a new ticklish spot in Marky’s kneecaps before attacking his size 8 socked feet. He blindfolds Marky and uses the big dog brush on him, causing Marky to beg for it to end. He giggles breathlessly and squeals like a girl, but Franco just won’t stop. Barefoot tickle torture is next… lots and lots of it! Franco uses brushes and fingers to pull out every last laugh, and finally when Marky’s completely overstimulated, Franco cuts off his underwear, makes him cum and tickles his freshly milked cock.