SpunkWorthy – Oliver tied up, rubbed down, and sucked off


Oliver sent a text recently: “Hey. Think we could do another massage video?”

If you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that Oliver is somewhat of a late bloomer, but has been making up for lost time and trying some new things along the way. You may have also caught a quick minute in his behind-the-scenes clip that he’d never tried any sort of bondage. But there was a little glint in his eye when I mentioned having done a shoot where a guy (Zach) had gotten tied up to the massage table.

“Sounds exciting. I might have to come back and try that,” Oliver said. “I never even considered the massage table and getting tied up.”

Oliver showed up and promptly stripped down and lay on the table, thankfully, ass-up. One of the things he has seemed to discover is that he appreciates his tight hole played with. He lifted his hips ever-so-slightly with every pass of my hands between his legs.

Once he flipped over, it was time to pull out the ropes and get him restrained. Nothing too crazy, but if you’ve watched Oliver’s climaxes, you’ll know as I did that he would be pulling on them as his body clenches up getting to the finish line.

Oliver even went a step further, saving up for 2 days and edging himself during that time. No doubt he was horny AF. I slowly built him up, first stroking his thick cock, then sucking on it. Reaching up to tweak his nipples did the trick. Oliver’s face flushed red as he took a deep breath, “Okay, I’m doing it. I’m doing it.” A whopper of a load shot out, splattering his stomach with globs of thick cum.