RaunchyBastards – This Teen Is Down For A Pounding – Bo Connor, Ian Odell, Clay


Who is down for getting his ass smashed by a couple of big raw dicks? Ian Odell is! As I like to do with teenage newbies from out of town, we pretty much begin the scene at the airport. In Ian’s case, he wasn’t traveling from another time zone, so he was pretty much pumped and ready to go. Although he didn’t know exactly what was going to transpire or how it would go down, I did tell him that he would be getting fucked.

When I had been talking to him before his debut as an Internet whore, he had described himself as “mostly straight.” I could tell when I met him though, that whatever his sex life was like at home, he was going to be all about The Dick during his time with me and Bo. He also told me beforehand that he could bottom. Bo and I were definitely curious about that, and we found out about 45 minutes after Ian’s plane landed. He’s not a power bottom yet, but there is hope. That was the concensus.

After an interrogation in the car, as well as a quick shower, Ian was already on his knees sucking cock. This teen can suck a cock, too! Instead of just jumping right into the ass-pounding, Bo and I both lingered getting some great dome for a while. Bo started to lube up his ass eventually, but I told him I wanted to eat this little bitch out before his hole got all torn up. When I looked at that hole, it looked great, and I could also tell that he hadn’t been fucked that much in his life. I suppose that’s what one would suspect from someone who is “mostly straight,” right?

Needless to say, we made sure that he got fucked proper. Bo and I both barebacked the slut every which way, kissing and making out all along the way. It was a very passionate and intense threesome. The nice thing about Ian was that he was so eager to please, and he sure did just that. After all, this was his first night out of several, and he wanted to prove his worth. I have to say, he did prove himself, but his hole was pretty wrecked for a few days. No matter, it was a lot of fun (for me and Bo) and very worth it. Bo and I turned out this 19 year old in grand style.