RaunchyBastards – This Is What The New Millennium Tastes Like – Hunter Gold, Clay


Hunter Gold is the first Y2K baby I’ve had the opportunity to creep on. I figured that just after the new year, sooner or later a fresh 18 year old would come along. Hunter was the first! A lot of guys, upon reaching the age of majority they immediately seek out a way to get into the porn business. Hunter was no exception. We texted back and forth for a few days before I had him booked. He was looking forward to the hot chicks I had planned for him, but I also sensed that he was slightly flirtatious with me, as well. My curiosity was definitely peaked. He almost had a change of heart at the last minute, but thanks to some smooth talking and promise of fame and easy money, he at least relented and showed up.

When I finally met this cherub in person, I was giddy with the thought of corrupting him. He literally had no idea what he was in for, but I had it all planned out. My game plan for Hunter was to take it slow, test out his boundaries, and push his limits gently, all the while stroking his over-sized ego. The nice thing about the young-ins these days is that they’ve become – through social media – so addicted to constant flattery and laudatory gratification that’s it’s very easy to pull the wool over their eyes.

I had explained prior to his arrival that we would begin with a basic photo shoot and that I wanted to see him get hard and pop. He wasn’t as nervous as I was expecting, but he had a bit of butterflies in the stomach nonetheless. Hunter looked good, too. He has smooth soft skin, a baby face, and piercing eyes. His smile is great as well. There isn’t much not to like about this wunderkind. Once the photo shoot had progressed to the nudes, he took off his boxers without embarrassment. He used his phone to get some porn going when I asked him to get hard, but I suspect that he didn’t need it – the phone was just a prop. This guy was turned on already, just being photographed. The entire time I was taking photos, I was liberal in my touching him and moving his arms and legs into place. I wanted to see how he would react to that. Even when I let my hand linger a few seconds too long, he seemed rather unfazed. That was my cue to take it to the next level.

I sat down next to him as he was pointing his hard teen dick into the air, and I moved his hand away and started tugging on it myself. He got quiet but let me do it. Then as he continued to jerk himself, I rubbed over that smooth torso of his. Well, at that point I realized I wasn’t going to get any resistance, so within a minute or so his legs were in the air and my face was buried in his ass. While my tongue was probing his newly legal fuck hole, I thought to myself, “So this is what the new millennium tastes like!” I had to wait 18 years after the new millennium to find out, but – heck – I’m a patient sort of guy.

After my entire face was sweaty and smeared with that beautiful fragrance of 18 year old boy cunt, I jerked him off to completion. It didn’t take him long to nut, either. When I was finished getting him off, I asked him to return the favor. It was really at this point that my suspicions were somewhat confirmed that he might have a daddy complex. He took hold of my cock with relish, and he had the look on his face that one might have when receiving a present he so desperately wants.

Regardless of what was going through his mind, I’ll tell you what was going through mine: Hunter’s small soft hands and nimble fingers sure know how to work a dick! You’d think he was a thirty year old “happy ending” masseuse with the handjob this guy gives. I loved it, and he made me cum so hard that my jizz was shooting a lot higher than normal. I even got him to taste my cum and give me his thoughts on it! Hunter is definitely a keeper, and I’m looking forward to corrupting him some more.
13 Mar