Working my way through college, I’m here today to film my first scene. I have only been with girls but I’ve watched some gay porn and it seems about the same. When I’m with a girl, I have had her finger me and sometimes used an anal toy. Kissing and having Fuji suck me feels about the same as a girl, except he sucks way harder. Putting me in a restraint, Fuji fingers and uses a toy; again, he’s a bit more aggressive. With a smile on his face, Fuji is glad he can use up to three fingers on me; he suggests we try sex. Fuji will be topping me; I ask him to go slow and be gentle. Sliding in, I breath through the initial sensation then I really enjoy it. I think I like having a dick in me rather than a toy; Fuji speeds up and I gasp. Going deep and fast, I then try to sit on his cock. Wow, he is much thicker than any toy I’ve used before so it’s easier if he takes back over. On my side, Fuji grabs me and goes all in; I can’t catch my breath but, when he asks if I like it, I say yes. Close, Fuji pulls out just in time and spews on my side. I then masturbate and ask Fuji if I can cum, he says yes. A bit of a shooter, I think I took Fuji by surprise. I would like to do more of this; my curiosity has been awakened. Gen came to JapanBoyz.com and said he would try to pair with a guy; he did a great job and we can’t wait to have him back.