JapanBoyz – FUJI FOR FUN!


I had prepared and planned to bottom today, but when I arrived, instead of a boy, I found a toy. Apparently my fans have asked that I do a solo; I do love to entertain the JapanBoyz.com members. Already horny, I harden the front and lube up the back. Working in some fingers, it has been a while since I have had anyone use my hole. Pumping an anal dildo in and out, the sensation has me edging quickly. Focusing on just my ass, I soon attract the attention of the director; we’ll call him Helping Hand. Teasing me by adding batteries, I grab my cock and start tugging again. Oozing out a load on my groin, the rest of my cream drips slowly from the head. Thank you again everyone for watching my videos, don’t forget to rate me please.