FrenchTwinks – A Panther in the Night – Baptiste Garcia, Matteo Lavigne & Justin

On a warm summer evening, Matteo Lavigne and Justin decide to take a midnight swim in the pool. The two boys take advantage that the others boys are asleep to kiss and get naked before offering themselves a little rodeo on the inflatable unicorn. Their ride will not last long and causes them to fall into the water. Matteo and Justin swim naked and get closer in the water kissing and caressing. The two twinks leave the pool to continue their affair in the pool house. Justin sucks Matteo in deep throat and hardens his cock in a few seconds. Matteo then turns Justin on his back to lick and play with his incredibly stretchy ass. One finger, then two, then three is almost all Matteo’s hand exploring Justin’s anus. Suddenly, Baptiste Garcia emerges from the darkness without a sound like a panther in the night and joins the action! Baptiste immediately dominates the situation and sticks his cock in Justin’s mouth before fucking him wildly. Justin finds himself sucking Matteo while Baptiste pounds his ass. After Justin screams, it’s Matteo’s turn to taste the dick of Baptiste. Our panther uses all his bestiality to fuck the young twink who’s moaning louder and louder. Matteo will be the first to cum, just followed by Baptiste who squirts several jets of sperm with a supernatural power. It’s finally the shy Justin who will explode in the mouth of Matteo.