BoysHalfwayHouse – Some Guys Never Learn – Patrick Gentry


He left our care a year or so ago with some promise, but within a week he was in trouble and back on house arrest. After a year of having to remain inside with no one else around except his grandmother, he begged to be shifted once again to our care. We can’t say we were too surprised, because some guys much prefer the occasional ass drilling to the loving nurture of their next of kin. What a world we live in.

When I found out that he had returned, I wanted to set the pace for his new stay. After all, he sucks a pretty good dick. His hole, though, still needs a lot of work. It is so damn tight! Getting through his sphincter takes a hard cock and a lot of patience. After a year away, and not in an institution, I was pretty sure that he had tightened back up to practically virgin territory, but in fact he actually felt tighter than he used to be! After slobbing on my cock for a few, and some careful fingering, I thought his ass might be ready. It took a while to ease it in, but damn if it wasn’t a rough go. Finally he was getting fucked proper, but the way he was grasping onto the bed sheets was an indicator of how much he disliked it. It did feel quite good, though, and his ass was still nice and grab-able. Overall a very satisfying fuck. I liked the was he worked a cock with his mouth too much, though, so instead of dropping my load, I told him to finish me off with a blowjob. It didn’t take him long to make my load explode into his pretty little mouth. Unlike fucking, giving good head is one thing you never forget. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle. Only in his case, a bicycle he picked up in prison. Damn that felt good, too. Some guys never learn, but it’s good that they also don’t forget certain skills along the way.