BoyGusher – Lets Go For Round 2 – Jade White, Kurt Walters


Kurt and his friend Jade needed a place to crash for the night so I told them to come over and they can borrow the bed in the 2nd bedroom. It was kinda of getting late in the day and these guys we just sleeping and I needed to be somewhere. I open the door to find out both boys were fooling around and humping each other and kissing each other. As Kurt rolled over, I notice he had a huge tenting rock hard erection poking from his undies. I could not help myself and grabbed his bulge and started feeling his hard cock and told his friend Jade to suck it. Jade was so into Kurt’s cock that he started sucking the cock teasing the head while I felt Kurt’s nipples and held the base of his cock and played with this balls. It didn’t take long that Kurt started spurting out his cum and his jizz was pouring out of his cock. Still rock hard we decided to go for round two, I continued to stroke his cock while Jade sucked it. Kurt’s cock kept hard and throbbing the whole time. I told Jade to really suck hard and tease the head of Kurt’s cock. As I continued to stroke, Kurt was about to release another load. His cock got rock hard and he let out another spurt as the cum flew out of his cock landing on Jade’s face. Two cum shots from one boygusher!