TickledHard – Scrappy Tickled and Milked


Franco straps 19-year-old Scrappy to the table in his jeans and takes off his left shoe and sock. He tickles Scrappy’s beautiful size 11 foot with his fingers, mouth and feathers, and although Scrappy moans a bit, the tone of his laughter reveals that he’s enjoying this tickle. That is, until Franco pulls out the brush. Scrappy’s laughter doubles in volume and he begs for it to stop, shouting out the obvious, “it tickles!” Franco pulls off Scrappy’s jeans and tricks him into thinking he’s going to tickle his stomach and crotch, when really he’s going to continue tickling his other foot with the brush. Scrappy’s smooth, muscular thighs flex hard while Franco tickles his feet. Now it’s time to cut off those briefs! Franco uses a smaller brush to tickle Scrappy’s ass crack, underneath his big balls, then tickles him hard on his thighs and stomach with his thick fingers. Scrappy laughs intensely, so much so that he can barely speak or even breathe. He gasps for air, until finally Franco gives him a break, sucking Scrappy’s dick and fingering his asshole. Scrappy shoots a big load, and learns quickly what it feels like to slide from full release right back into tickle tension. After Franco tortures his cock, he tickles Scrappy with a mixture of his spunk and Spunk lube until Scrappy is completely exhausted.