TickledHard – Jason Tickle Tortured


Heavily tattooed straight guy Jason is used to being in control, but once he’s strapped to the tickling board, Franco has all the power. Franco tickles Jason’s smooth upper body causing him to writhe and clinch. Jason tells him to stop, but Franco just keeps going. He tickles Jason’s stomach, making Jason’s eyes roll back in his head. Then Franco cuts Jason out of his boxers and tickles his exposed inner thighs and taint with a feather, before forcing him to get an erection. Franco works down Jason’s thick, ticklish thighs to his extra-ticklish size 8 feet. Jason struggles to breathe as Franco tickles the hell out of his feet through his socks and then barefoot, torturing one foot at a time. No matter how many times Jason begs for him to quit it or stop, Franco just won’t leave his feet alone. He uses feathers and his lubed fingers on Jason’s soles and toes, then ends up in his armpits for a tickle torture session that leaves Jason exhausted.