TickledHard – Incredibly Ticklish Akemi


25-year-old Akemi is half Japanese, half Puerto Rican, was born in Kyoto and has had a lot of experiences for his age. Ex-military and now a stripper, this friendly straight guy has a fit body that he tells Franco is ticklish all over. Franco senses that Akemi’s size 8 1⁄2 feet are the place to be, and he’s right. Like flipping a switch, Akemi jumps when Franco starts in on his socked feet and immediately releases his adorable high-pitched laughter. The tickling quickly becomes so intense that Akemi struggles to catch his breath between squeaks and giggles. Akemi’s feet are so incredibly ticklish that Franco decides to spend tons of time on them with every tool in the box: dry fingers, feathers, lubed fingers, dog brush and the electric toothbrush. After lots of foot tickling, Franco moves up Akemi’s body, from his thighs and taint, to his belly button, armpits and ribs. Akemi is ticklish everywhere! At last, Franco gives Akemi a break for a hand job, but when he’s too overstimulated to cum, Franco switches from jacking right back to tickling. Franco pins Akemi’s head down and tickles both sides of his neck with a feather before lifting and trapping one leg so he can tickle Akemi’s fuzzy butt. Franco climbs on top for one last massive attack on Akemi’s upper body before having him stroke his thick load out for the camera.