TickledHard – Diego Double-Teamed – Diego, Franco Dax, Zander


Franco invites Zander over for a special 2-on-1 tickling of his latest victim, 21-year-old Diego. They strip off his clothes and strap him to the special tickling table, and for even more fun, Franco blindfolds Diego. Franco and Zander use their fingers and feathers to tease and tickle Diego’s smooth, naked upper body. They take turns with brushes on his ticklish taint, uncut cock and super-sensitive belly-button, then move back up to his neck. Diego flips his head from side to side, until Franco presses his face down with his big hand. Nothing can stop the feathery brushes from tickling now! Halfway through, Franco and Zander take off Diego’s size 9 shoes and the real torture begins. They go crazy on Diego’s bare feet with feathers and lubed fingers, turning up the volume of his pleas with their coordinated attacks. At last, Franco gives Diego a break and starts jacking his uncut cock and fingering his asshole while Zander plays with his nipples. Franco releases one of Diego’s hands so he can feel his and Zander’s hard cocks, then stuffs his big dick in Diego’s mouth. Diego is allowed to jerk-off while the guys stimulate his body, but as soon as he shoots his load, he’s immediately strapped back down and treated to a four-handed tickling that ends in sensory overload.