TickledHard – Dalton’s Happy Ending


Tall, slender college kid Dalton is crazy ticklish and has size 10 1⁄2 feet. Franco slips him into a pair of long, tight dress socks, straps him down and binds his wrists with duct tape for his first professional M⁄M tickling. He’s calm at first, but once the tickling begins, watch out! Franco finds all his spots, tickling Dalton with his fingers, mouth and tongue before giving Dalton a break and blowing him. He sucks Dalton’s dick and tickles him until Dalton doesn’t know what to feel. Watch Dalton’s toes curl as Franco sucks and jacks him off, edging him before another round of foot tickling. When Dalton finally is allowed to cum, Franco uses his jizz to tickle his big, sensitive feet. And it’s still not over…by a long shot!