Staxus – Soldiers Ron Negba and Lior Hod enjoy some raw fun during a lull in battle

We’re back with another great delivery of historically themed action in scene two, with Ron returning to enjoy some more delicious dick-loving action, and enjoying it with new boy Lior Hod, too!

The two sexy young soldiers are making the most of a period of calm in the ongoing chaos outside the castle walls as they meet for some hardcore sex, and it seems they both know exactly what they need to help each other relax.

Ron wastes no time at all in getting his mouth around the delicious boner his buddy has, with the two stripping off their armor to get at each other and Lior gladly laying back to allow his pal to feast on his stiff inches.

It has to be said that Lior has a stunning cock. I know, all the boys have great dicks, but his gets so hard and so juicy, you can just imagine spending a long time sucking on that thing. And that’s what Ron does, even after getting his own gorgeous boner licked and slurped he wants to get another taste of his friend.

With both dicks wet and glistening with a sexy mix of spit and precum Lior turns his attention to that hairy little ass, spitting in Ron’s hole and licking out his pucker in anticipation of the thrusting fuck he’s eager to give.

Big-dicked boy Ron can’t wait to slide his ass down on that thing, raw of course, riding his friend while his own long shaft swings and bounces. It’s a glorious sight and if you’re not imagining what it would be like to be between those legs sucking him while he’s sliding up and down on that thing then you’re going about this the wrong way 🙂
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