SpunkWorthy – Blowing Donnie


I got a text on a random Tuesday afternoon from Donnie.

“Hey. I’m kinda horny. Think we could do a shoot today?”

A couple hours later he was at the door. Usually these shoots can take weeks or months (heck, even years) to make them happen, but Donnie was just looking to get a nut. And ASAP.

I didn’t waste any time getting the cameras set up because the bulge in Donnie’s shorts was obvious as soon as he’d walked in. The moment I peeled back his underwear, out popped a big boner.

At first, Donnie’s eyes were focused on the porn playing in the background, but it didn’t take long before he realized that he’d come to the right place for getting his dick sucked. His eyes rolled back into his head as I took all 8 inches down to the base; he glanced down in disbelief to take in the front-row seat of what his girlfriends hadn’t been able to do.

After standing to fuck my throat, Donnie sat back to get the job finished. If there was any doubt that he was extra horny, the proof came in an explosive cumshot. Donnie’s breathing and moaning was enough to let me know he was getting close. At the last second he gasped, “I’m about to cum,” and blasted his entire chest with a load that flew from one shoulder to the other.