RaunchyBastards – Don’t Let Two Cunts Go To Waste – Brad Gemini, Sage Costas, Clay


When I picked up Sage, I asked him if he wanted to film a homemade movie. He was all game, so I called Brad Gemini. Luckily for me he was free, although he had moved (again) and was living at one of those extended stay motels a bit further away than before. It was all good, though, since Sage and I had a good chat during the drive. We picked Brad up, and immediately it was apparent that Sage was digging Brad big time. Brad, on the other hand, is pretty much gay4pay and didn’t give Sage much attention. He’s focused on more important things – the things you can count and then put in your wallet. Sage is the kind of slut who really seems to care more about the experience than the money, though. It’s nice, but it’s an afterthought. While Sage was taking a shower, Brad and I conspired to show Sage just what a little whore he really is. In a good, light-hearted way, of course.

I could tell from the get-go that I would end up fucking both of them. Sage is a self-described verse-top, which I interpreted as “please fuck the shit out of me.” Brad is just lazy, so he’d rather get pounded than put out any real effort. Both of these cases was just fine by me, so while Sage and Brad were worrying about getting hard, I just focused on eating as much ass as I could before I lit into both of them. I did humor Sage a little by letting him eat out Brad and fuck him a little, but in the end I did most of the heavy lifting.

Sage was indeed tight, but his teenage hole loosened up pretty quick. Brad of course, has an ass that feels like butter. This video has a LOT of rimming, and the rest is basically me fucking them – one, then the other, then back to the first. It’s really a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, fucking two hot young guys. And for good measure, Brad nutted in Sage’s mouth before we called it a day.