MilitaryClassified – MICHIGAN & MILK

If you look at the background in this movie today you will notice that I lived in a condo in Los Angeles back in early 2000’s and I would shoot models at the condo… it wasn’t my condo but my roommate let me shoot there anyway. Watch as I suck these two straight guys off in my living room drip dry and leave them in amazement. So much so that Michigan returned for a repeat performance that I’m sure you’ve seen. MILK is his roommate and they are auditioning together.
When the guys arrived they were as nervous as can be. Neither of them had any experience in front of the cameras but then again, at that time, neither did I. Once I had them fill out my 1 page release form, we were sprawled out on my couch with a green sheet I use to sleep in but used for the sofa. (It wasn’t my furniture). Once I started running the cameras..2 at that time, the action began.
I started with MILK because he was the cocky one but then made my way to Michigan and he was the more serious one trying hard to hide behind the hats. Once I had them both warmed up by just bouncing back and forth between the two of them, I made a left turn on them and stood them up side by side as I then began to suck them off on my knees.
I damn near made Milk cum that way but alas, I sat the boys down and continued my attack but I moved over to Michigan this time and I was relentless. I was like the energize bunny and pounded his cock with lube, mouth, tongue, lips and hand… so much so that he couldn’t hold back and let go of a nut that sounded like a warrior cry! Delicious! I wasted no time and moved over to Milk and he was even more let down because he was certain he won’t be able to cum today and make money.
Oh ye of little faith… its what I told Milk as I began to take over the jacking off he was getting him no where while Michigan lay half dead next to him relieved as can be. Milk was very nervous but all of a sudden, I picked up his vibe and took him to rock hard status within minutes. Milk immediately took note and saw that Rob was going to make me nut after all…and that he did! I squeezed them both out solid and they were my worst critiques! NEVER BEFORE SEEN MOVIE!