FrenchTwinks – Fusion and Passion – Enzo Lemercier & Jonathan Garnier

Since their meeting on the set of our series “Slutty High School Boys”, Enzo Lemercier and Jonathan Garnier had a crazy desire to fuck together and today it is done! A full complicity and a relationship of domination are felt from the first minutes of this fiery duo. Sex is passionate and without taboo between these two beautiful French twinks who start with hot tongues games before undressing and releasing their cocks ready to explode. Enzo pushes his cock into Jonathan’s greedy mouth who’s sucking him while jacking off. Both boys are very excited and Enzo starts to finger Jonathan through his jack-strap. He first introduces a finger, then two and accelerates the movement to squeak with pleasure his submissive and insatiable partner. It’s then his tongue that Enzo stuffs into the little hole of Jonathan to eat his ass with passion. Spanking, spitting and little slapping rhythms this intense intercourse in which our favorite blond delights and makes Jonathan his object of pleasure. Enzo cannot wait any longer and now penetrates the bottom’s little hole and fucks him with a non hidden brutality. The hips of Enzo are slamming on the ass of Jonathan who screams louder and then it’s lying on the stomach that Jonathan will to feel even more the power of Enzo who penetrates his ass deeply. After long minutes of a very intense fucking session the two twinks are exhausted and Enzo spreads the ass of Jonathan to water his hole with his sperm.