BreedMeRaw – Michael Roman and Trey Turner


Trey Turner is having his morning shower while his Big Daddy is shaving and getting ready to head to set, when Trey asks Tyler what he should be making for supper that evening. Trey could hardly pay attention as all he was thinking about was having a guy talked to on Scruff the previous night, Michael Roman, to come over and abuse his fat ass. Tyler was no sooner out the door when Trey phones Michael and tells him the coast is clear for him to come over and seed his slut hole. Michael knew this had to be on the down low and has done this many times before, so he quickly came over and shoved his thick cock down Trey’s throat to get it nice and hard for that big fucking ass that he so desperately wanted to seed. Luckily it was a quick dump and go session because Tyler came home to get his iPad only to find Trey still in his shorts on the bed wanting Big Daddy’s load since its been so long since Trey took a load!