BreederFuckers – Pierce and Ed Stripped & Abused By The Pervy Men


Groom and best man stripped, anally violated, forced to lick out each others assholes, enforced brutal cocksucking, spitroasted with two hard dicks, bound together, CBT electrocution, ball weight, gagged, flogged, nuts tortured.
The bondage alone is torment enough for these rugged heterosexuals, but the pervy men intend to push them a lot further. After using icy cold oil to shine them up like sluts as they shiver and flinch, Adrian clips tight pegs to both sets of nipples, eliciting agonised groans from them both as their tender nubs are crushed and toyed with.
With their nuts strapped up so tightly, Pierce and Eds’ most sensitive areas are even more vulnerable than usual – so after using the powerful Hitachi wand to roughly massage their throbbing balls, Adrian takes out the electric probe and gives them both a few nasty shocks to the inner thighs.