BreederFuckers – Peter’s Nightmare – Bound In A Cage

The pervy leather men’s prey is perfectly bound within a cage to pleasure the hard and horny men. Reuben’s burly mate takes a turn, thrusting his massive veiny dick into Peter’s drooling mouth, rhythmically fucking his face as the helpless straight boy writhes in his ropes. The unforgiving gag holds Peter’s mouth open, keeping his jaw wide enough to receive hard cocks all the way to the back of his throat. The big man spurts his load in Peter’s contorted, miserable face, wiping the white juices on his lips before stepping back to give Reuben another go on him. He rams his erection all the way into his mouth, and fills it with his own cum, leaving him gagging and sputtering with disgust.

But the tough men aren’t finished with this disgusting little public cockwhore. They clamp up his sensitive bits, adding clips to his foreskin, which get yanked and secured to the bars, along with his nipples, which are stretched to their limit by the unforgiving ropes. Even his balls end up with a row of cruel pegs on them. To round off the boy’s misery, a couple of men step up and spurt a stinking stream of hot piss all over Peter’s face and hooked up ass. How long they’ll leave him in this painful, humiliating predicament is entirely up to the tough leather men, but with the gang clamoring for a fuckshow, it’s only going to get worse for him.