BoysHalfwayHouse – My Own Private Cum Rag – Lane Axton

Some residents are hard to read. Depending on the day, this idiot could turn out to be your best friend or your worst nightmare. One thing’s for sure, though: he has some demons that are eating away at him. Unluckily for him, the House Managers are always one step ahead of even the most furtive residents. That poker face might work in Vegas, but it doesn’t work on us, especially when we have the incriminating evidence in our hands.

After being confronted, this dipshit refused to ‘fess up. So, of course we kept upping the ante until he finally did. By that time, however, he was already naked and vulnerable, so we decided to crack open his virgin hole anyway. When he went down on my dick, it was painfully obvious that he wasn’t accustomed to it. Better to learn here than in the pen, that’s what I always say! Before too long, he was opening his throat wide enough to skull fuck him, though. He seemed to think that the cock sucking might be the end of it, but we were just getting started!

His hole was as untouched as the back of his throat had been. It was a nice pink color (at first), but after a few minutes of prying it open with a thick cock, it’s as if all the blood in his body rushed down to his nether region. The light pink had turned into a fiery red. Once the hole was loose enough, and some real fucking commenced, our young resident was actually quite the champ. If it was uncomfortable, he didn’t make too much noise. It showed on his face, but you could tell he was doing his best to hide how distraught he was. Like every straight boy hole, it felt good. Really good. Definitely just the right amount of give, and that ass was warm like an easy bake oven. His ass will not be overlooked over the next few weeks, trust me.

As if in a complete 180, this young tormented sould seemed genuinely repentent once the pace of the punding picked up. After getting railed bareback in six positions, we almost believed him when he said that he was sorry (sorry he got caught is more like it!). With his hole properly fucked as raw as a week-old dish sponge, it only seemed right to fill it up with a big load of sperm. There was even enough cum left over to fling some jizz onto his face for good measure!

Although we’re not sure if there’s a lot of hope for him, at least his perky little butt might just be ready for a cell mate in the near future. Smooth sailing just doesn’t seem to be in this guy’s cards.