BoysHalfwayHouse – Dumbass’s Pristine Hole Defiled – Zachery Andrews


The residents at the House think they are so smart, but in reality, they are just a bunch of dumbasses. There’s a good reason for every rule, and if you let just one small infraction slide, the House Managers immediately begin losing control. Thus, something as simple as wrapping papers can be indicative of a huge problem, and the perp must be dealt with accordingly. No one rolls their own tobacco anymore, especially some high school drop out who can’t keep a job for more than three days.

This guy in particular – I had been waiting for him to fuck up, because he has an awesome bubble butt. In spite of his complete laziness when it comes to meaningful work, he manages to hit the gym quite often, and it shows. But having a chin strap and looking like a Gladiator extra doesn’t pay the bills, nor the Halfway House rent. Even worse, it pisses all the Managers off that this guy can work on his body but not the more troubling personal issues that cloud his judgement every day.

From having chatted with him, I was assuming his butt was virgin ground, and boy was I correct. What surprised me was how good of a blowjob he gives. Damn! Some guys must just be born with this skill innately. I let him linger with my cock in his mouth for some time, and alternated between him working it and me skull-fucking him. When we told him to roll over, exposing his fine ass, I was already extremely happy that this fuck up was in our House. When I spread his muscled ass cheeks to take a close inspection, I was in for a great surprise: unlike a lot of guys who lift, his hole looked perfect. Pink, soft, inviting. I lube up my finger and slowly slid it down his fuck canal to get a measure of how tight this guy was. I swear that his sphincter could have cut off the circulation to my fingertips.

I wanted to fuck him good, so we decided the best way to loosen him up would be some dildo play first. I worked in the toy, and after a few I had him work it while he simultaneously worked on my dick. After several minutes, once we decided he was ready (if anyone like him actually can be ready), I slathered my dick with lube and began working my way in. It was still tight. It’s as if his asshole was as strong as his legs! I managed, however, and thankfully he didn’t make much of a fuss. By the time I had him rolled over and was going hard on him, he seemed to be getting the hang of it. I dropped a massive load of jizz onto that freshly defiled hole, then used my cock to deposit it deep inside him. That pristine hole got defiled, and he probably won’t be breaking the rules again for some time now.
1 Mar