BoyGusher – Freakin’ That Red Bed – Tyrese Reed & Calvin Collins


Today we have Calvin and Tyrese with us, to boyfriends that love being filmed and playing with each other. Today, they both had the chance to sleep over and I let the camera on as they woke up. Calvin was a bit more sleepy than Tyrese, so Tyrese woke up Calvin in a special way! He began to play with is cock in his undies. He couldn’t sleep anymore and now Calvin can’t either. Its been 8 hours since both boys played with each other and being so horned up and ready for action Tyrese started kissing Calvin and grabbing his bulge. As you watch this video you’ll see how great a cock sucker Tyrese is. Calvin is one lucky guy! He goes to town on that dick and doesn’t give it up as Calvin moans and leans back to enjoy everything that Tyrese is doing to him. Tyrese does a great job teasing and playing with Calvin keeping him on the edge of cumming until he can’t stand it anymore as Tyrese sucks the balls and Calvin grabs hold of his huge cock and strokes it while Tyrese is working his ball sac. Calvin explodes his hot jizz load all over his stomach promising Tyrese that it is his turn next. Keep on watching in next weeks update, watch Calvin tease Tyreses cock keeping the poor guy on edge and what happens then?