AxelAbysse – Hunger Part Two

Axel Abysse has announced his newest two part series, “Hunger”, a two part heavy fisting film. The movie contains continuous orgasms, squirting and all out raunchy fisting entertainment starring former Lucas Entertainment superstar Bulrog in his first ever fisting film. Their mutual lust for each other shined on the screen, as explained by Axel.

Bulrog and I had been chatting and waiting for months before we could finally meet in the flesh, said Abysse. We knew exactly what each others fantasies were and never planned the scene we wanted to make in detail. It all happened very naturally, two beasts in heat to the point we might freak out some viewers with our little milkshake finale.

Rather than taking the path of most studio made pornography, Abysse has crafted his technique creating artistic films not based in fantasy but rather the realities of pleasure. This authentic approach to filmmaking is what most impressed Bulrog, who explained his strong connection to Axel.

A porn shoot with Axel Abysse is not simply a shoot, it is pure sex, he explained. It was hot, piggy and very sensual. Axel’s hole is kind of magic, as are his fists. Simply put, it was nonstop pleasure and joy.

Swiss based in Paris, Bulrog has been featured in many mainstream porn movies before unveiling a dirtier side of himself with Lucas Entertainment and more recently with Pigboy. As an Engineer, Singer, Composer and pig he is always full of surprises. His obsession for sloppy holes is what convinced him to take it one step further, and make fisting history with Hunger.

According to Axel, In Hunger, we got wild and dirty, being true to our filthiest selves: whether it’s piss, food play or heavy fisting we fulfilled every dirty craving and quenched all of our raunchiest thirsts. The food play proved to be especially kinky and people have been raving about how hot it is on my social media. We invite you to see it for yourself and satisfy all your wildest desires right along with us!