WilliamHiggins – Alan Pekny and Alan Carly – Wrestling

Alan Pekny and Alan Carly come together in a submission wrestling match. These two str8 guys look so hot in just their underwear, as they warm up. Then they start the match. Soon they are on the mats, grappling to gain a decent hold. Alan P gets the first advantage with a neck hold that gains him a point. Then they remove their underwear to wrestle naked for the remainder of the match. Those sexy asses and their cocks are on show as they roll over the floor straing to get a hold. We get to see everything as their sinews strain with the effort to get a submission. Alan P moves into a good lead by using some great holds, despite Alan C’s best efforts. As he grapples and pulls Alan C all over the place the big soft cock flails around. Alan C strains and works hard to gain an advantage but is constantly thwarted by Alan P. He does gain a point though, a reward for all his efforts, but he gains it with some ball squeezing. It seems that he has hit on something as he repeats the process to get another point, but still lags behind as Alan P shows some great moves. With Alan P leading 7 – 2 they take a break to oil each other all over. Then it is on with the match again. Alan P is quickly back into his winning ways with more great holds and the runs out as the eventual winner. Then they sit down and have a wank off. They get hard and wank each other for a while. Then Alan C has to suck his opponent for a few seconds too. Then it is back to wanking and the soon shoot some hot cum. Then the guys go off to the shower to clean up.