TwinksinShorts – Diego Alvaros and Patrik Crumble

Waiting for his next appointment, slender dark-haired Diego Alvaros occupies his time by looking out the window. He notices the adorable Patrik Crumble as he runs past. In fact, Diego can’t help but notice — neither can we — as Patrik wears a pair of bright yellow shorts that really pop against the gray, somewhat dreary day. After running past, repeatedly, Patrik finally finds the courage to walk inside the spa and takes the massage slot of Diego’s no-show. As the two chat and become friendly, Diego gets his hands slippery with oil. He then kneads the twink’s toned, yummy body, running his hands up and down Patrik’s spine and then his legs. You can practically feel Diego’s hands as he strokes Patrik’s thighs, then massages the twink’s pert, round ass. Diego is soon shirtless. He takes his glasses off and rubs his upper body up and down Patrik’s body and the twink just sighs and moans. Diego gets Patrik to turn over and makes him moans even louder and more frequently as Diego treats the twink to an all-body massage, which includes his cock and balls. Diego eventually loses his own shorts in order to jerk off Patrik while the twink treats himself to a handful of Diego’s huge cock. Together, they build towards a climactic and happy ending. We don’t know about you but WE are ready for a massage!