TickledHard – Teddy Tickle Tortured and Milked

Straight country boy Teddy isn’t exactly sure what’s he’s gotten himself into. He’s very ticklish and already jumpy as Franco straps him down in nothing but his underwear and cowboy boots. Even the sounds and vibration of the straps being threaded through the tickling board makes Teddy giggle. When the real tickling begins, Teddy’s furry, muscular body tenses and twists while he howls with laughter. He tries to fight it, but there’s no escape from Franco’s probing fingers. Franco cuts Teddy out of his underwear and blindfolds him for the next stage. The anticipation is killing him! After more deep thigh tickling, Teddy gets so freaked out that Franco removes the blindfold before moving to his size 10 feet. He pulls off Teddy’s boots and tickles him through his socks, making him twitch all over. Teddy breathes deep and flips his foot around to try to keep control, but he finally loses it and starts making all kinds of noises under the tickle torture. Franco lubes his fingers and returns to all of Teddy’s most ticklish spots, then strokes Teddy’s cock until he starts getting hard. Teddy goes quiet while Franco sucks and jacks his dick until he finally has a toe-curling orgasm, shooting a huge load. Then it’s back to hollering as Franco finishes by torturing Teddy’s super-sensitive cock and thighs.