Staxus – Jaro Stone returns, in uniform, for a gay military fuck with Charlie Keller!

Jaro gets his mouth around that juicy long cock and starts sucking the precum out of his buddy, clearly eager to get the action started as quickly as possible. Seeing this handsome young man licking and slurping that military dick is pretty damn hot, but things only get better when he turns his friend around and gets his tongue between those ass cheeks.

Bent over the bike and with his smooth butt cheeks parted for that cock to slide in Jaro eases his naked uncut meat into his friend, sliding up into his chute and giving the gorgeous boy some deep thrusts. Ass-to-mouth fans will love the sight of Jaro then kicking back and feeding his friend his gorgeous shaft, with Charlie showing off his own oral skills as he licks and slurps his comrade.

Fear not, the butt fucking is by no means over. After getting that cock wet again with a mix of his spit and Jaro’s precum Charlie is right back on that shaft and sliding his ass down on it, taking it in a spooning position on the ground and then riding his buddy with his own long boner throbbing and bouncing as he takes it.
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