MyStraightBuddy – Corporal Tom’s BJ

Tom is a Marine corporal who’s been stationed at the Marine base near Joe’s house for 2 years. Originally from Nebraska, he is a corn-fed all-American Marine who loves to drink and party. Tom and Joe were at a party in Base Housing one night when Joe realized that Tom was hinting very strongly that he wanted to make a video.

Only thing was, he’d heard about the scandal and was afraid of his face or tattoos being shown in any way. So Joe said he had a solution: Full uniform, kevlar, sunglasses…his face hidden as much as possible, but he’d have to get a blow job. And he was down!

In this 37 minute video Tom jerks it in uniform, shows his move on a toy and then a Fleshjack, and gets a blowie from Joe. Members also get to download separate videos of Tom shooting his rifle, smoking and pissing.


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