MilitaryClassified – RANDALL 2

Randall is one of the few red heads I’ve had on the website and I’m sure you all remember him from his debut video here a few months back. As I’ve mentioned before I have a soft spot for red heads and I’m not sure what it is but for some reason I find them interesting. Randall is quite a Marine…. that is a quite proper, polite and respectful Marine and it’s those that I always find out later are the nastiest. Randall came back for another one of my famous blowjobs that apparently he hasn’t been able to find elsewhere.
I love to shoot blowjobs upstairs in my bedroom because I have the mirrors there that make it very interesting to say the least. I find the models tend to look over at the mirror and watch themselves get sucked off which is pretty hot actually. Randall was very quiet when we got started and I was pretty regimented when I gave him instructions on exactly what I wanted him to do. I had him take his clothes off and sit back down on the bench and began licking those redheaded balls making him moan and ready for action.
The interesting thing is that when he dropped his shorts down to his knees, his dick flopped out and was already hard and raring to go. With his hands behind his head and his legs spread eagle in front of me, I then began sucking on that lovely 6 inch carrot top. The great thing about Randall is that this boy’s dick is instantly hard and I love to service straight guys that get turned on no matter who sucks their cocks. I slowly began to increase the pace of my cocksucking driving him crazy to the point of exhaustion.
I noticed that Randall was now hot and bothered because he was closing his eyes and kicking his head back in pleasure. I continued licking his balls, crotch, shaft and beautiful mushroom head deepthroating this boy and although it was easy because of his size, it was undeniable that Randall had gone from jokes and conversation to reserved and silent confusion as to why this was feeling so good from a guy. I could tell that I was driving him crazy because he now began to moan louder and louder and squirming in his seat.
Every once in a while he would let out an “oh god” which has become a very popular vocal spurt for this boy and it always seems to be happening when he’s getting his dick sucked. I knew that he was starting to really to get close when I hear “oh god”. I must admit that this was one of my better oral service sessions and I’m sure it’s because of my partiality to redheads.. have I mentioned that enough? Anyway, as standard with my videos, I made Randall take orgasm to a new dimension because when he released his load it was a geiser, I mean really, this boy nutted big and hard…. 4 squirts and big ones, seriously! Check it out!