BrutalTops – Master Tom – YOUR ARSE IS GOING TO BE RED RAW!

Horny Master Tom finds squirming sub elliott strapped to a bench, completely naked and with his arsehole gaping wide open. The top is in a foul mood and takes advantage of the prostrate lad by thrashing him hard with a paddle and causing his arse cheeks to redden.

The sub can do nothing to resist this harsh treatment and the Master clearly enjoys the damage he is dishing out. Then Tom needs a piss so uses elliott as a human toilet and gushes urine into his open mouth. The sub has no choice but to swallow down the foul smelling liquid. Next, Tom grabs a cane which he uses to whip the sub and causes deep red marks on his hairy arse cheeks. The thrashing is merciless and the sub can do nothing to prevent the painful lashes that rain down on his body leaving him with raw and sore welts.