StraightOffBase – BO- Helping Hand from Joe with “My Straight Buddy”

Straight off base, Sgt. Bo is a beefy and tatted 24 year old Marine stud from the tiny state of Rhode Island who stands at 5’9″ and weighs in at 160 lbs. Bo is just a few weeks away from getting out of the Marine Corps after 5 years of service and 3 deployments overseas. Major Wood met Bo on a recent “recruiting” trip to the bases out on the East Coast, and what a find. Sgt. Bo participated in football and pole vaulting during his high school years and packs a very impressive and amazingly girthy 7 inches of Marine meat, along with a masculine, hairy body and a gravely voice that will get you rock hard. That cock is huge! But not so huge that the Major’s buddy Joe, who runs MyStraightBuddy (a site that you get free with your Straight Off Base membership), couldn’t get his hands around it. The Major asks Sgt. Bo if he’d be down to have a guy work that massive cock, and initially he says “no way”, but the Major didn’t get his rank for nothing, and is able to talk this formerly untouched by male hands Marine Sergeant to try some new things. Joe works Sgt. Bo’s beer-can sized cock expertly, both with Bo on his back and also from behind. You’ll wish those were your hands caressing Sgt. Bo’s firm, muscular Marine body. Laying down again to get the full enjoyment of it, Sgt. Bo is overcome and fires a huge salty load that Joe is happy to lick up.